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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Marilah - Pangkor Laut Resort


Pangkor Laut Resort sangat macam syok untuk dikunjungi...hehe...lagi2 i yang memang obses ngan pantai nehhh...

*pic ihsan google

Marilah kita berangan sekejap n mana tau ada rezeki untuk ke sana kan....

*pic ihsan google 

perghh kalau tengah panas cam gini dapat duk dalam air tu syoknyeee xterkata....

*pic ihsan google

 terbaik bukan????tapi jangan duk tidur je...haha...almaklumla best...pilihan anda,mau yang di atas?

*pic ihsan google

atau yang ni???hihi....

*pic ihsan google 

i pilih yang ni...sangat syok kan...romantik tahap maksimum....

*pic ihsan google

very2 peaceful......:))))))

*pic ihsan google 

tu i la tu...Adam ajak balik siap xnak.....wehehe...

*pic ihsan google

I love SUNSET!!!!!!!

*pic ihsan google

 air biru je....sangat cool....

*pic ihsan google 

i dah dapat bayangkan i lepak kat situ....tapi tu sexy sangat tu...kuhkuh

*pic ihsan google

Masya Allah cantik sangat!

Saja package ni sangat menarik untuk diterokai..hehe..

Pangkor Laut Resort (Treasured Moments)

The perfect start to your marriage, anniversary or special occasion begins at Pangkor Laut Resort. You will be transported into a world of pure romance and leave the island with moments to treasure for a lifetime.

Your personalised Treasured Moments package includes:

~ A specially designed spa experience for two in the luxurious seclusion of the Belian Treatment Pavilion at Spa Village Pangkor Laut. This is an exclusive retreat with its own outdoor whirlpool, yoga pavilion, nap gazebo, steam room and private treatment area.

~ Marking your special holiday with a symbolic tree planting ceremony at Emerald Bay and letting new life flourish in the heart of Pangkor Laut. A framed photo and certificate will be presented.

~ Indulging in a personalised gourmet picnic on pristine white sand amidst a soothing sea breeze at Emerald Bay.

~ Making your own molten lava chocolate cake, a true Lovers' Dessert, with the assistance of our pastry chef.

~ A sunset cruise on board our teakwood Oriental junk with canap├ęs, free flowing soft drinks and juices, house wine and beer as you admire the golden hues of the setting sun.

~ Private dinner at The Straits or Fisherman's Cove. 

~ Enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner as waves lap the shore and the sounds of nature serenade you.

~ A relaxing lovers' flower bath. Before turning in for the night, relax in a fragrant bath scented with flowers drawn by our staff in your villa, while sipping on chilled champagne.

Our Treasured Moments package is priced at RM1,800.00 nett per couple.

Please note: 

The above package does not include accommodation and transfers.
A minimum stay of three nights is required to enjoy the Treasured Moments package and also to experience the resort fully.
Food and beverage is not included in the package, unless specifically mentioned above. Selected food and beverage outlets may be closed on certain days of the week.
This package is subject to availability and is not valid during Chinese New Year, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

P/s: RM1,800.00 not bad la kan...tempat pun cantik hopefully one day dapat g....:)))))


Ezad Skytech said...

sesekali dapat bercuti ni best jugak...heee~

azlina_muhammad said...

Bahiyah? said...

masyaAllah.. cantiknya tempat ni..
mesti tenang gila fikiran kalau dapat bercuti kat sini. :)

azlina_muhammad said...

lagi2 dapat berendam dalam air tu,mesti sejuk je kan....silalah pergi dear...hehe...

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